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Crystal Kiddush Goblet

This conical Kiddush goblet with its crystal base is a visual delight. Made from nickel and pure gold plating it is a unique kiddush cup combining originality with tradition The words form the Kiddush (sanctification recited over the wine on shabbat and festivals) have been engraved and gilded in a spiral design into the crystal base. The effect of this lens-like quality provides multiple perspectives, creating an almost infinite number of variations of the Kiddush text.
A perfect gift that will be treasured and admired

Item No. 74953
Designer Alice & Brian Bergner
Size 13.0cm(h) cup11.0cm(h) 8.0cm(dia)
Price £385.00
Chanukah menorah, kiddush cups, tallit bags and clips, havdala sets, cool art and design gifts, Jewish jewellery,illustrated Torah Sidrot. 
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