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Magnet Menorah

Why use your Hanukkah Menorah only for 8 days when you can use it all year round?
Laura Cowan has designed this innovative modern menorah and work of art using magnetic candle holders on a stainless steel base..
After Hanukkah you can use this modern menorah design as a desktop organizer. The magnets can hold your post-its, family photos, business cards, paper clips and stamps.
The modern miracle of this Menorah is that it doesn’t just last 8 days...it can be used for 365 days!
A unique gift that can be easily engraved to mark a special occasion.

Item No. 76960
Designer Laura Cowan
Size 18.0x 18.0cm
Price £185.00
Chanukah menorah, kiddush cups, tallit bags and clips, havdala sets, cool art and design gifts, Jewish jewellery,illustrated Torah Sidrot. 
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