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Building bridges menorah

A stunning modern Hanukkah menorah designed as a visual representation of building bridges between peoples
The base is created out of gently formed highly polished steel and he colourful anodized aluminum candle holders are magnetic and can be placed wherever you wish on the metal base
Talented Judaica artist Laura Cowan's latest creation will add peace and harmony to the lighting of the festive candles
A wonderful gift for Hanukkah,Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or Jewish wedding

Item No. 78921
Designer Laura Cowan
Size 7.6 (h) x 25.4(l)x 12.7(w)
Price £265.00
Building bridges menorah
Chanukah menorah, kiddush cups, tallit bags and clips, havdala sets, cool art and design gifts, Jewish jewellery,illustrated Torah Sidrot. 
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